Peyton Manning jerseys take over Denver, possibly NFL

Today, I’m going to make it easy for you and link to several stories discussing Peyton Manning jersey sales. Now that he’s a Bronco, I would expect Manning to jump into the top 10 of NFL jersey sales this year. Possibly taking over the #1 spot from Aaron Rogers.

First, the USA Today’s “Game On” blog (a blog about the business of sports) reports on the jerseys already being “on sale” at (those of us in the business know it should read “for sale” – “on sale” means it’s marked down). The article then goes on to say Tebow jerseys were the league’s #1 selling jersey last year – when they were actually #2 behind Aaron Rogers.┬áThe article had other errors, but I’ll move on.

In this article, KUSA (9 News in Denver) discusses the challenges retailers in Denver Continue reading

Rodgers, Cruz among NFL best selling jerseys

What a difference 8 weeks makes.

On January 4th, released its 2011 jersey sales. They did so again yesterday. The latter probably makes more sense – it is after the Super Bowl, after all. But comparing the lists shows how much impact winning the Super Bowl has on NFL merchandise sales. Continue reading