NFL Nike coverage galore

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We focus more on the retail side of the sports world, so we aren’t going to cover much of the new NFL jersey unveiling today. Instead, we’ll start to watch for stories on the new NFL merchandise hitting stores. In the meantime, check out the stories below for more detailed coverage of the new uniforms.

In particular, follow @uniwatch on twitter as Paul Lukas is onsite at the unveil and is posting pictures on his Twitter feed. Also, check out his website for more coverage.

Update: The best coverage I’ve seen so far today is from Samuel Lam (49ers beat writer for on his personal blog. He gives a recap of all 32 teams. Well done.

And if you haven’t heard already, the Seattle Seahawks was the only team to receive a uniform overhaul. This will give us a glimpse of what’s to come with NFL uniforms down the road when other teams decide to change their look. Team executives will be watching fan reaction and sales in Seattle like a…well…seahawk (couldn’t resist).

Here are some articles on the unveil:

USA Today


Washington Post

The Oregonian (home of Nike)

Seattle Post Intelligencer (Seahawks coverage)

ESPN Dallas (NFC East coverage)

Detroit Free Press (Detroit Lions coverage)

SBNation Denver (Broncos coverage)

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