Water Cooler Rumors

I’m starting a new weekly series discussing the rumors we hear in the sports merchandise, logo and uniform world. And I stress rumor. While we’re working to confirm these rumors with several sources, for now they just are items that people within the industry are discussing.

Today, we’re focusing on the University of Texas. A source has told me there are rumblings both within the University and among internet forums saying that Nike has mocked up 3 uniform designs for UT to “test”. Apparently, the color black is involved. The changes could just be equipment tweaks – such as Nike messing around with matte finished helmets – or shiny mirror-like helmets. Or, they could just be something to be worn for the spring game.

My source said he’s doubtful we’ll see any of this. As am I. I just don’t see DeLoss Dodds or Mack Brown messing around with this classic uniform. And who knows – this could be something Nike does on a regular basis, just to show coaches and AD’s new ideas they come up with…just in case something clicks and the school wants to try something new.


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